Where you choose to display the menu for your WordPress site is not restricted to your theme’s default choices. Most themes place the menu above or below the header. But what if you would rather have your menu in a sidebar widget?

Using a sidebar widget makes a lot of sense if you have many pages on your site and want/need to display them in the site navigation. While you can do this with a top menu, the result is cluttered at best. Many premium themes as well as some free themes offer multiple home page widget areas. Using these widget areas as menu locations offers unique opportunities to break your content up into relative chunks and be creative about your menu placement.

For some time now WordPress has allowed you to create your own custom menus.

You have complete control over what is displayed in the menu. You are allowed to create as many different menus as you desire for your WordPress blog. Each one must have a unique name visible only to you by default. You may give a title to most WordPress widgets so you can name your menu and display the name if you like.

The video below will walk you through the whole thing. This how to video provides you with the facts as you watch the author go step-by-step over the process of creating a custom menu. The audio is good quality and the video is done in an orderly fashion. No fluff here, the author keeps to the subject at hand and moves along without providing too much information. Do 
watch this if you have never created a custom menu. Even if you have it’s worth a watch as you might have missed something
that could  be useful.

How to Add a Menu to Your WordPress Sidebar

It’s easy to add a menu to the sidebar of your site using the Custom Menu Widget that is included in every WordPress site. We show you how to create that men…