By default, your WordPress blogs home page is written in PHP code. WordPress is designed to take HTML and turn it into PHP pages. The way your site is laid out is determined by the theme you are using. The only ways to change the way a theme looks in WordPress is to edit the themes CSS Stylesheet or you can also add a templateto the theme.

This tutorial video takes you from start to finish in a step-by-step format through the whole process. You learn how to paste the short bit of code required to turn a HTML page into a PHP page, and exacctly where to place the code. The rest of the journey from HTML page to PHP template is handled in order to the conclusion where you upload the file to your theme templates folder.

This may all sound technical if you are not used to doing things like this. But relax, this is all very basic really, and everything you need to know is provided by the video except the code snippet for turning the HTML page into a PHP Template. So, here is that code:

There is one downside to using this method though. Because the file resides within the theme’s template folder any update to the theme will cause the template to disappear from the folder. Just keep a copy of the template file on your computer or wherever you store data, and you can upload it to the templates folder again.