WordPress is truly versatile. Videos and images work just as well as text when it comes to quality content. In fact, the popularity of videos is tremendous as you can see by the success of YouTube and other video sharing sites. Video draws visitors to a site.

This how to video is all about creating a video gallery inside a WordPress blog. Video blogs are extremely hot in many Niches and will work with practically any Niche you can think of. The video was originally created and published by Karen May Dy and published on YouTube.

The video details the process of setting up a video gallery using the Tubepress WordPress plugin. The plugin has two versions, free and Pro. The video uses the free version of the plugin, and it works just fine for this purpose. The main reason you might want thhe Pro version would be to have more control over layout and the additional features. To duplicate the nice video gallery Dy shows you how to create you only need the free version.