In this, the second part of the How To Create A WordPress Plugin Video series you learn how to structure the empty plugin frame you created in video one. The video starts by showing you how to add a folder for your plugin to the plugins folder in wp-content. This is very useful if you want to create a plugin that has more than one file. To add settings and other features this is necessary so it is a logical way to get started.

The author Pippen Williamson, displays the same style that make him a great teacher to learn a difficult subject from. His delivery never strays from the information you need to make the whole mess function. The explainations are to the point and do not waste time on things you don’t need to know.

The suggestions he gives for organizing the files of the plugin make plenty of sense. By naming your functions and files in an apropriate manner you or someone else can find bugs and update or add functions far easier.

Williamson is a well known WordPress plugin author. He uses the code he shows you in the videos. He makes learning the technical aspects far easier with clear and precise explainations of what everything does. This is a great series for any who has an interest in ddeveloping plugins for WordPress. His tips are tempered with plenty of experience and well worth heeding. He covers basic tips on structure for your files to make functions easier to find. Williams finishes up with some useful information on adding comments to your code.

Look for the next video in the series tomorrow.

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