One of the best ways to learn something new is to see how it is done and follow along on your own. That is the format of this series of how to videos on creating your first WordPress plugin. Author Pippin Williamson creates WordPress plugins like Easy Digitital Downloads. He is also a great tutor when it comes to creating a  WordPress plugin.

The focus of this video is adding a function to your plugin allowing you to add additional content to your site conditionally.

There are  multiple uses for this function as detailed in the video by Williamson. He explains how to use the function in several different ways by using examples of how he has used this functiion to display content in his own plugins.

Like the other videos in this series the video flows along very well from one point to the next. His delivery is awesome, without a hint of talking down. He simply explains what you need to know and shows you how it works. The code makes more sense when you understand exactly what the purpose of it is. That is easy  when you get a clear picture of how the function affects the page or post being influenced by your plugin.

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