There are plenty of reasons you might want to create a WordPress plugin of your own.
Having your own WordPress plugin is a quick way to establish yourself or brand as a force in WordPress. Of course there is the potential for profit.

There are thousands of dollars made on plugins on a regular basis. Premuim WordPress plugins will continue to be popular as marketers seek new ways to get an edge on their competition. The field of plugin development for WordPress is big business. Even capturing a small share of the potential market is enough reason to think about creating your own WordPress plugin. Like most things in life the process of learning how to create a plugin is easier once you know the basics

Video four of this series on Creating A WordPress Plugin covers some very useful informtion.

The author covers adding a CSS stylesheet to your plugin which add a professional look and feel to your plugin. He describes the purpose of the code and shows you how to create it to style your plugin’s pages.

The video also covers some highly appropriate suggestions on how you should and should not use the ability to load a stylesheet. The best practices covered in the video are good guidlines to follow. That is in keeping with the overall tone of this series. The creator of the video how to series is Pippin Williamson who makesa living creating WordPress plugins. He is very  easy to follow and does not make you feel foolish for not knowing what he is talking about. He simply proceeds to explain everything so you can understand.

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin Part 4

In part four of Writing Your First WordPress Plugin, I demonstrate how to load style sheets with your plugin. I also walk you through some best practices in …