Admin options can make the difference between a plugin that simply works, and one that works well. 
Many simple plugins have no options at all. This can mean having to edit plugin files to make the plugin work the way you want it to. This also means you must edit the files to change or update the content displayed by the plugin.

Adding an options page is something you can do with any plugin.

That means you can take a PLR Premium plugin or a free open source plugin without an options page and add one to it creating a new plugin in the process.

The video below shows you how to add an options page to a WordPress plugin. This is the last installment of plugin creator Pippin Williamson’s series on creating your own WordPress plugin. Just like all the other videos in this series this one is very informative. The video is also easy to follow thanks to the author’s style. He has created several WordPress plugins and he gives you a great perspective on what to do and why you need to do it. Great stuff…

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin Part 5

In part 5 of Writing Your First WordPress Plugin, I’m going to take you through the process of adding an admin options page to your first WordPress plugin. T…