You really can do anything with WordPress. This time we take a look at creating your own Auction Type Web site…

Auction Plugin for WordPress | Make Auction Website Using WordPress

Download and demos here: This is a premium WordPress plugin which allows to add auctions to your website or it can be …

Auction type sites remain very popular with those who surf the Net. People just love to try to get an increadible price on something they want. And when you add the element of competition you have the recipe for a popular, profitable site. There are several free WordPress plugins that will let you create your own auctions. All of them have some sort of Pro upgrade or other that extends what features and options you have when setting up your auctions.

Of course you don’t need to purchase a premium upgrade to try your hand at running your own auctions. One could even argue that it would be smart to start off for free and then look at upgrading based on how popular and profitable your creation turns out to be. This does work. Some of the most popular Web properties around started off with humble proportions and a limited scope.

It’s the users that decide if something works.

Take the huge popularity of bidding type sites that allow you to purchase physical products like high end electronics items at insanely low prices for example. The sites make money because the sites users are required to purchase credits to bid on items.

By setting the increases to be small sites clean up on credits more than compensating them for the low sale prices of the products they offer. By tapping into their users competitive nature they are able to make a good profit while keeping a core of users happily paying big money for the privilidge of trying to secure their own bargain.

You could use this concept in many ways on a WordPress blog. You could offer any type of physical or digital product as long as the product has a high perceived value.

That’s the real key to creating a popular auction site. Give people a chance to own a high end item and get bragging rights for being the “Winner” and you can turn a nice profit while creating a bunch of quite happy users. The concept obviously works. All you must do is come up with a concept and try it out. After all, that’s pretty much how Facebook got started. Look that where that went.