Because WordPress runs on PHP code by default there is no ability to create tables within your posts and pages. Additionally, the WordPress editor is very spartan when it comes to buttons. There are very few and the functions are quite basic. This video shows you how to solve both problems at the same time. The TinyMCE plugin for WordPress is one of several plugins designed to turn the WordPress editor into a full fledged WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

The focus of this video is on using this great plugin to create HTML tables right inside any post or page. The video was created and published by John Landells who does a fine job explaining how to use the plugin in the video. There are many reasons to install and activate this superb plugin on your blog. Adding HTML tables is but one of them. If you prefer a WSYIWYG editor over a text editor, you need this plugin on your blog yesterday!

When setting up this plugin try to keep the top row a fair bit shorter than the rest of the rows. Any plugins that you have activated on your blog that add a button to the editor will always show up on the far right of the top row of buttons. Add aditional rows rather than making long ones. Why? Because if the row of buttons is wider than the editor screen in your browser you may not have access to them even by collapsing the editors widgets to the right of the editing screen.