Most WordPress users never give a second thought to SEOing their images. Many think of the Alt. title for images as simply something created to annoy them. While it may not be fun, image SEO can play a big role in getting your site higher in the Search Engine rankings.

Most people think the only purpose of the alt title is providing a description when the browser can’t display the image. While this is true, it’s only part of the whole picture. The largest benefit to adding alternate text to an image is the fact that it’s the only way the bots Google and the other search engines that index your content can tell what an image actually is.

While it may seem strange that bots that can analyze entire Web sites can’t seem to figure out what an image is, but this is reality. And the more images you have on your WordPress blog the more important it becomes for the search engines to be able to determine what the image is. With the tremendous amount of competition present in profitable Niches it is always a smart move to give Google and their competitors exactly what they are looking for.

Image SEO is the topic of the video below. You will learn what things you need to add to every image you upload to your blog. The tips are good, the audio quality of this video, not so much. Thankfully, the narration is easy to understand when you turn down the volume a bit. It sounds almost as if this video was recorded while the author was next to a busy street.

Alt Tag SEO – 3 Tips for WordPress Beginners – Naming Your Image Properly

Alt Tag SEO: In naming your image, it’s vitally important you do certain things. In this video, I tell you which 3 things to perform – along with a few addit…

Don’t let that discourage you from watching the video. The information presented in the video is quite accurate. This is an important aspect of SEO Optimization, something you can’t afford to ignore if you depend on traffic from the search engines. Adding an alternate description to an image only takes a few extra seconds. If done properly this will help you get more targeted traffic and visitors to your site.