Sometimes it is necessary to edit an already published WordPress post. You can easily do this using the options available from your WordPress admin area. The how to video was created by Azad Shaikh and was first published on YouTube. This is not a terribly complicated subject to cover and the author does a good job with it.

The video is straight to the point and the author wastes no time by getting sidetracked or wandering off topic. Shaikh covers all the points that need to be considered when you are looking at editing an existing post in WordPress. The video lasts just over 3 minutes and the info is perfect for those needing to learn how to edit a previously published post on their blog.

If you are not sure what everything means on the edit screen this video is also a must watch as the author explains the various options clearly and concisely. For instance the explaination of a “Sticky Post” is dead on and makes the power of this often ignored WordPress tool more apparent to new users.