Learn how to embed Tweets directly into posts and pages in WordPress…

How to embed twitter on your WordPress blog

Putting tweets into blog posts and pages on a WordPress site is really really easy. In this video we’ll show you how. More WordPress tips, tools and themes a…

Adding Tweets without a plugin is a great way to add Social proof to your posts and pages. This is as simple as can be. A great reason the video only runs 2:37.

Social proof in the way of opinions on a subject expressed in a Tweet is a powerful way to show that others agree with you. Or to point out why you disagree with them. This whole Social Proof thing has a purpose. Social Proof is used as a measuring stick as to just how good content published on the Web actually is.

You see, Google and the Other Search Engines out there have a problem.

There is now simply too much high quality content being published Online. Measure what content is the best and therefore deserves the highest rankings is where Social Proof comes into play. Google uses Social Proof as a means to compare one site to another. The one with the most Social Proof, wins! There can never be too much Social Proof. Anything you do to add this element to your site is going to have a positive effect on your rankings and traffic.

That means a bigger slice of the pie for you, and that’s always a good thing.

The technique used here equires no real technical skills. You don’t have to even hit the “Source” button in your editor to do this! Do whatever you can to involve people from Social Media sites to visit your site. Run Twitter based contests, giveaways, whatever you want to do really. Just do something.

It’s been said by well respectedc marketing analysts that within the next 5 years the chances of a business surviving that does not use Social Media is between none and zero. Don’t let that happen to your business.