Here are four tactics I used to build my blog’s email list to over 40,000 email subscribers.

If you are not aware of this already, then you need to know that email marketing produces the highest ROI of any type of marketing or advertising out there. Adobe broke down the actual stats and found that the average ROI of email marketing is almost at $40 to every single dollar that is invested in it.

When executing at a high level, the only costs that you have to deal with are from your email marketing company and your email opt-in software. This makes it real easy to get a huge return.

How to Get Email Subscribers on WordPress

Today I am going to reveal these locations and just exactly how to optimize each one so that you can supercharge the growth rate of your email list.

4 Email List Building Strategies for WordPress Blogs

#1 The Incredible and Misunderstood Popup Email Capture

#2 The Customized End of the Post Email Opt-in

#3 The Simple Site Wide Floating Footer Email Opt-In

#4 The Old and True Side Bar Opt-in Lead Magnet

One final tip… Do not over complicate your email list lead magnet creation. Just keep it simple and create 400 to 600 word lists posts that deliver big value for that specific topic. You can also publish each of these lead magnets as a standard blog post. This will allow you to keep your same blog posting schedule and work in topics that will be used for your lead magnets. When someone submits their email for the lead magnet, then just send them directly to the blog post that you created for that specific lead magnet.

By following these email list building strategies, you should easily be able to answer the question of how to get email subscribers on a WordPress blog.