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Tutorial – WordPress Blog Scheduling Videos

Watch this tutorial to see how to schedule YouTube videos to release on your WordPress blog. I got my own website ( to Google Page 1 w…

The only problem with this strategy is that you must create your own videos to do this. If you know little about doing this, chances are that your videos may not help you nearly as much.

Videos are indeed popular, but people expect organization of the material at least. So if you don’t have a clue how to make good videos this will stand to hurt you more than it will help.

Granted, making a good video is really not that hard. It can be a simple Screen Capture with you providing the information. You simply create a script, or outline of the topics you need to cover and organize them so you don’t have to backtrack or jump around to explain a step etc. The content of the video is important, but organizing it properly will make or break rather or not viewers like your videos.

You really don’t have to sink hundreds of dollars into something like Camtasia to make good Screen Capture videos either. There are several very good Freeware Screen Capture  software programs you can use that will work perfectly fine for this. My favorite is called HyperCam 2 as it allows you to save your videos as AVI’s which you can easily edit with many popular free Video Editors.

This also allows you to use HD Video Converter Factory, which let’s you  simply and quickly convert your screen capture videos into the high Quality HD videos YouTube wants these days. Unless you have a version of Adobe’s video editing software or something that will let you edit videos in SWF or Flash format, the most popular free software program called Cam Studio won’t be editable.

Use the links below to try out these free software programs if you like…

Download HyperCam 2

Download HD Video Converter Factory

By the way, in the video the author tells you how to copy/paste using the Control+c and Control+v keyboard shortcuts in Windows. If you are a Mac user, just swap Control for Command to do this task. That makes it Command+c to copy, and Command+v to paste. I don’t own a Mac, but once worked for a company that used only Apple computers some time ago. I’m sure like the Microsoft shortcuts, this has never changed as that sort of thing makes long time users quite upset.