One of the lesser known features of WordPress is the ability to import and export data from other WordPress blogs. With the rise in popularity of WordPress site cloning plugins many blog owners have forgotten all about this useful feature. While cloning your entire WordPress site is great way of speeding up the set up process for a new WordPress site, it does have some limitations.

If you’re using a WordPress cloning plugin your only option is to re-create the site as it was. This is great for saving time installing themes and plugins as you can skip this step as everything is already done. Since most bloggers tend to use many of the same plugins on every WordPress install they create this makes seting up a new blog far easier. Depending on how many plugins you use by default this can save anywhere between a half hour, to half a day!

But what if you only need posts from a certain catagory? Sorry, but like the Android commercial says, “You cant do that!”
WordPress cloning plugins are not made to clone just part of your site. It’s all or nothing…

But wait, all is not lost. The import/export feature of WordPress can save the day! Watch the short video to find out how to import and export data to a WordPress installation.

WordPress Tips: How to Import and Export Data

Need to move your blog posts, pictures or other items? Learn how to import and export your WordPress blog’s data with this video tutorial.

There you have it, simple process, neat feature. Cloning plugins might be all the rage these days but they can’t do this. Use the import/export feature with a cloning plugin, and you can create sites quickly and easily. By installing a default or base installation you cut down the time required to set up a new WordPress site to just minutes. By then importing data from other WordPress installs you can then add the content of your choice to the blog and be up and running in no time!