Check out this video to discover how to get a brand new WordPress Plugin With Unrestricted PLR Rights For Free…



iDevelop WP is offering their latest WordPress plugin with Unrestricted PLR Rights for free on a “First-Come-First-Served” basis. The giveaway is part of an ongoing campaign to educate marketers about how to use resale rights products to their advantage.

This is a killer free gift to score!

The plugin, called WP Tips, displays one of 20 different useful tips for WordPress users just above the footer of single pages and posts. The tips cover SEO, Social Media, Security and more. The tips randomly rotate to display a new tip every time a new page or post is opened.


WP Tips

This free offer is even sweeter than it looks on the surface because in addition to the plugin files you also get a professional squeeze page and download page as part of the deal.

You also get both the Web ready graphics for the site, you also get all the PSD source files for the graphics.

Even better, this is no tired, out of date PLR WordPress plugin. This PLR WordPress plugin is brand new, and has never before been offered to the public. Very few brand new resale rights products are ever offered. The average resale rights WordPress plugin is one that has stopped selling well and is being offered with resale rights in hopes of squeezing a few more dollars out.

On the rare occasions when you do see a new PLR plugin being offered it always seems to be just the plugin. No graphics except maybe a box shot, and certainly no squeeze or download page.

So that alone makes this promotion stand out. You are getting what ammounts to exclusive PLR rights to a brand new WordPress plugin complete with resale rights. That certainly is NOT something you see every day. In fact, I have never seen an offer like this before at all.

Beyond that, this is a high quality WordPress PLR plugin. Because WP Tips is targeted at WordPress users this plugin makes a great opt in gift.

Finding a unique PLR WordPress plugin is like discovering a vein of Gold in your back yard.

WP Pro Marketer will be offering more resale rights products  as well as training for free during their campaign. Grab your copy of WP Tips now before this limited offer is closed!

Click Here To Instantly Download WP Tips