This is how you add a nofollow atribute to an external link in WordPress…

How to add rel=nofollow to your external links in wordpress

Ever wondered how bloggers use the rel=”nofollow link in their external links when writing there blog posts.This is how to add rel=nofollow to your external …

In the last two post we have looked over natural links versus nofollow links. If you have been following along you should now know when to use or not use the rel=nofollow attribute on your WordPress blog.

Now that you know how to properly use nofollow links this video details how to add noffolow in WordPress to external links.

There are of course several WordPress plugins that you can download that will do this for you. Rather you decide to do this manually or by having a plugin do the work is up to your particular needs and preferences. I personally prefer to decide this on a link by link basis as some external links can help you but not if they are automatically rendered nofollow by your plugin.

If you don’t add links that will help your site, then I suppose using a plugin makes plenty of sense. So does adding the nofollow attribute to comments. Both things have downsides though.

If you don’t add external links you can benefit from I’d have to ask why you would do that. Linking to non authority sources for any other purpose than to give an example or attribution to illustrate a point is not generally a good idea. On the Internet, you are who you associate with in every way. If you comment on authority sites and make a real contribition to the discussion you become an authority because of the value you add to the conversation.

As far as adding the nofollow attribute to links in comments it is indeed safe in the sense that nobody will be taking advantage of any page rank your site already has. The downside is that people who leave good comments on your site deserve more than that for going to the trouble to add a comment. Comments benefit the person who owns the site tremendously, isn’t it only fair that at least the commenter get a backlink to their site as compensation?