Time to stop letting those PLR plugins collect dust on your Hard Drive. Here’s how to rebrand them easily…

Rebranding a WordPress PLR Plugin

http://PLAhh.com/ – How to rebrand a PLR WordPress plugin. It’s easier than you might think, all you have to do is edit some text.

Less than 10% of the products purchased with Resale Rights or PLR  ever actually get used for anything beyond perhaps installing or using the product. This is especially true when it comes to PLR that involves editing PHP code. Since all WordPress plugins and themes are primarily made up of PHP code very few PLR WordPress plugins are ever actually resold.

Considering you bought these as an investment that seems like a poor way to get good ROI. There really is not anything hard about doing the work necessary to re-brand a WordPress plugin you have PLR rights to.

At best the total involvement usually comes down to editing a single file. On some plugins you may need to edit two, but this is uncommon. Other than that, there is only an occasional Logo to change and you can easily have your very own WordPress plugin to sell or give away as a list building giveaway.

You really only need to add your  name and a payment link to the sales page and  you are ready to sell your plugin. Always try to purchase PLR products that include sales pages whenever possible. This will save you time and money in the end. You really don’t need to completely re-brand everything to make money with a PLR or resale rights product. This is a nice touch, but in reality hardly any of the PLR products purchased and resold have been changed any more than what’s detailed above.

No sense wasting money on something you will never get a return of any kind of. Take a few moments of your time to learn the basisc and start turning those PLR products into cash!