If you have a lot of content on your WordPress blog cleaning up after being hacked can take up a huge chunk of time. Individually editing posts is not only time consuming, it is also boring enough to put you to sleep. This how to video will show you how to quickly clean up all your WordPress posts at one time using one of your cPanel features.

The video was created by Sean Bray who teaches you how to remove the code injected into your blog posts using PHP My Admin which you can access by logging into your site’s cPanel account. While the subject of this video is a bit technical, the steps you must take are easy to follow and implement. You will also need a HTML  or text editor to pull this off but any free one will do.

The technique used is simple and effective for removing all traces of the hacker from your posts quickly. Do not allow the somewhat technical nature to fool you into thinking this is something you can not do. Just take the truly simple steps and clean up your site now if it has been hacked.