If you are using a blog hosted at WordPress.org your options for embedding videos a pretty narrow. There is no way for you to change the size of the video to better fit your post or theme.

On the other hand, the outlook is much brighter for those hosting their WordPress blog on their own hosting account. This is refered to as having a “Self Hosted” WordPress blog. Without the limitations placed on WordPress.org users you can resize videos to better fit the posts in your blog. Having the video width slightly smaller than the content area width helps engage the viewer since the video is easier to see.

The video below covers embedding a video in WordPress along with resizing the video.

How To Add, Embed and Resize Videos in WordPress – Ep. 7

This video is brought to you by: http://www.pcmichiana.com The free hosting from WordPress.com limits users when it comes to embedding videos onto their plat…