WordPress and Twitter work well together. Here’s how to send automatic Tweets with WordPress…

WordPress to Twitter – How to Send Automatic Tweets When You Create a New Blog Post, Part 1

http://LadyTechTamer.com – Did you know that your WordPress blog can send an automatic tweet whenever you publish a new blog post? In this video, I’ll show y…

Twitter is a great asset to marketers and other Internet businesses. Social Media activity is an important part of stimulating social interaction with your clients and potential customers. By engaging with your customers and showing them there is a human behind your business you can become a source they like, know and trust.

Those are essential parts of becoming the business they want to spend money with.

Twitter is a great format for sharing your posts as well. The average Twitter user is more engaged in Social Media and therefore more likely to go check out an interesting post. I get a good bit of traffic from Twitter whenever I send a link to a post out in a Tweet. You can promote a post with your Twitter account easily by scheduling additional Tweets using a free service like HootSuite, or any other free posting service you already use.

The purpose here is to become more than just a name or logo. Your clients have unique personalities, so do you and I. Yes, you must remain an authority figure when it comes to what you do.

Establishing a link between a bussiness and a legitimate product or service is the first step. You must offer something of value, or no one has a reason to give you their money. Next you establish a Social Media Presence and show the human part of your business a bit. Above all, entertain and educate them about why they want to do business with you.

In sales, that’s often referred to as developing a lead.

SocialMedia is a great way to get in front of the people who should be your customers, but don’t yet know it. People often purchase the same products and services as other people they know. Social Media is the tool to find those people in modern sales practices.

Do try Tweeting from your WordPress blog, I’m sure you will like the results.