Stuff happens.

It can happen when you are trying to log in to one of your blogs to do something.
You get confused, or distracted and enter the wrong user name or password or both too many times. And because you use a WordPress security plugin that limits the number of log in attempts (as you should) you get locked out.

Even worse things happen when you activate a plugin and it triggers a response from a security plugin that results in you getting locked out. It’s rare, but it does happen. I know, because it happened to me! Unless you are prepared for this sort of thing it can mean a long day. The most logical thing to do is to have an alternate way of logging in to your WordPress admin area. You need a Plan B.

Setting up a Plan B is what this video is about. This is something few people ever consider until it happens. By then it’s too late. By establishing a Plan B, you are ready for any circumstance.

Having another admin user account available to you that you can use to log in if your main admin account is locked out or your site does get hacked is a smart move. Remember,when it comes to the Internet, anything can and certainly will hapen. By using this Plan B strategy you will still have access to your sites. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of all user names and passwords written down in a notebook or something you can keep close at hand.

WordPress Security Tips – #1b Login Plan B

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