Blog networks used to be a great way to drive traffic. Then Google changed their algorythms and suddenly they seemed to disappear overnight. A few Google animals later, things have once again come full circle and these days blog networks are effective once again.

WordPress Multisite has been around for years. Because it is not activated in the default configuration of WordPress few people ever give it a thought. There have been several WordPress multisite plugins (Hive is probably the best of the bunch) over the years that sought to make this feature more accessable. How well they worked depended on how good the plugin was, and more often than not, how your hosting servers are configured.

This video does a great job of showing just how easy it is to add the necessary code to enable WordPress Multisite.

Yes, the subject is technical. But this really comes down to copying and pasting code into the wp-config file and your sites .htaccess file. The hardest thing you have to do here is use an FTP software if you follow the authors lead. Personally, I would rather watch grass grow than to waste time using an FTP program. If you have cPanel hosting you can do all of this including the editing from the File Manager. No need to fire up FTP software and slog through the process. I still don’t understand the appeal of FTP. I find it slower and more labor intensive than using cPanel’s File Manager. But, to each their own.


The video is a good one. The only problem I had with it is the rather abrupt ending. The info is all there.

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