Michael Locke created this video how-to guide on using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for a business. This is useful if you have a HTML site and you want to be able to simply log in to add or edit content. This is also a great service to offer to local businesses as you can take a site they had to pay a designer to update and make it so they can do it themselves.

You are turning a HTML page into a PHP Template. That way you can have selected content on your home page that you can automatically update.Locke clearly explains what code must be added and where it must be placed on the HTML page.

This is truly something that almost anyone can do. Plus it’s a  handy trick to know. You could use this to create self managed  Web sites for offline businesses wanting to update their HTML sites. You could also make some quick money offering this as a service on Fiverr or a similar site.