WordPress updates can be painful.

Not only do they seem to be frequent and endless, but they can also wreak havoc to your site. Many WordPress users think it’s safer to just not update. Unfortunately, this strategy will almost certainly result in you’re site getting hacked. Every WordPress Core/Version update contains security fixes.

This alone makes updating your WordPress Version important. Think about it this way. I’m sure that you have invested many hours in adding content to your site. Chances are, you have spent even more time promoting your site in various ways. The last thing you need is some hacker ruining it all because they used a documented WordPress security loophole to infect your site. That will get you or anyone else that visits a nice warning label plastered accross the monitor every time you try to access your site. All that work, for that?

The video below offers the best method of updating your WordPress Version while making sure you can completely restore your site if anything goes wrong.

WordPress 3.5.2 Update Video

This video will describe how to backup your current wordpress configuration, files and database, and then safely update your WordPress Install to the latest …

The plugin mentioned in the video, BackWordPressUp (all one word) is a very good one. BackWordPressUp is highly rated by users and frequently updated. The code is sound, so there is no risk in using the plugin.

There are easier ways to make sure your site can be completely restored in case something bad happens.

My favorite WordPress plugin for this purpose is called WP Clone. Unlike other WordPress plugins that will back up your whole site this one makes it easy to do the restore. There are only three steps to using this plugin to restore a site once you have a backup created. You install a fresh WordPress installation, you upload and activate the plugin, then you tell it to restore from the backup you created. Everything is done from your WordPress admin. Nothing to upload to your server as you must do with BackupBuddy, a premium WordPress plugin and most others like it. The plugin is highly rated by users as well.

Use whatever backup plugin you choose, but do back up your whole site before upgrading the WordPress version or any plugins or themes. You have far too much invested in your blog to not be safe!