If you have ever gotten frustrated when trying to upload a video or other large file to your WordPress site, you’re not alone. Here’s how to quickly and easily solve that problem once and for all…

Upload Large Files to WordPress by AvoidErrors

http://www.avoiderrors.net/ How to Upload Files to WordPress Larger Than 2Mb.

if you’re one of the many WordPress users who blame the file limitations on WordPress default configuration, you need to think again. While some types of files (backup files can become impossible because there is indeed a limit to what you can upload) may be hard to upload the average video or even huge images are really no problem for the WordPress core.

The blame for most errors you get when uploading a file in WordPress is almost always your hosting company’s. Many Web hosting companies have very restrictive file sizes for uploading files to WordPress. This has to do with the way the hosts servers are configured primarily. Every different type of script used to create sites on the Internet has default limitations set up in all the common Hosting Software programs. Many¬†hosts simply choose to modify only certain types of sites to upload more than a minimal file size and leave the rest set to default.

The default setting for WordPress is of course, 2Mb.

Some hosting companies, primarily ones that specialize in WordPress, do give you the ability to upload larger files. The exact size of files you can upload to WordPress varries with each host.

Especially when you consider the capabilities of the current WordPress version (3.6) this can be a real problem. WordPress now allows you to host your own videos easily with this versiions improvements. Due to the increased use of WordPress to upload video files this will probably eventually lead to hosts being forced to increase this file size in order to compete for WordPress users hosting dollars.

The plugin mentioned in the video above works great on most servers. Add To Server also boasts a full 5* rating from WordPress users which is not easy to get by any means. The size of file you can upload to your server is also set by your hosting provider and can be as low as 25Mb with some hosting companies. While this will allow you to upload much larger files to your WordPress site, exactly how large still depends on your Web host.

This plugin is of course one of many fine plugins available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory on WordPress.org. You can also upload Add To Server by clicking the “Add New” link found in the plugins menu in your WordPress admin as shown in thhe video. If you will end up using the plugin regularly on many sites then your best bet is to upload it from WordPress.org and save yourself the bother of having to search for it every time you need to add the plugin to a new site.