Some great tips for engaging your target audience effectively and generating comments…

Get More Blog Comments – Tips for Beginners

Tips on making your blog and writing more engaging so you can get more comments. Links to the featured posts are below. How I Doubled My Blog Traffic… http…

Creating posts that people love takes a good topic. If nobody is interested in the subject how important it you think it is does not matter. This video takes an intelligent look at creating a post that generates interest in your target audience. Besides the traffic, this can also mean profit if you properly use that traffic.

The author is successful because she walks the walk.

The sad fact about many how to videos published is the author really has only limited experience with the subject they are talking about. It’s more than difficult to create a compelling post if you only know a bit on the subject. The author of this video has experience and is willing to share it. If you make sure to write about things you or someone close to has experienced then your chances for success are greatly increased. Try to stray to far, and you’d better be a skilled fiction writer to cash in.

Writing a blog post that get’s comments is all about hitting buttons, or triggers as the video creator calls them. Find a hot topic, create a compelling title and write in your own style. Don’t be afraid to offend people. As many will agree with you as will disagree. Speak to them.