Image SEO is a very important part of optimizing for Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Bing and other websites online. In this video, John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility tells you everything you need to know about image search engine optimization.

The video covers goals of image optimization.
1. Images supporting page rankings and traffic
2. Images rank in Google search
3. Images display on social media

The image seo video teaches you to determine your keyword for the page and them work it into the image file name, image alt text, image title tag, image caption.

With image search engine optimization, you also want to have a small file size and make sure you use an image XML sitemap.

Make sure images do not create a new HTML URL, have image meta data and are a JPEG, GIF or PNG.

Be careful with content delivery networks, they can change your image URLS.

With social media, make sure you have the right images sizes and use Facebook Opengraph, Rich Pins and Twitter cards.