I understand that the title of this post is a bold statement. Especially when you consider the fact that hardly anyone has ever even heard of Insty.me Hosting at this point. Before you reach the end of this post I believe you will agree that Insty me Hosting is the best Web Hosting available.

For the most part Commercial Web Hosts are all similar. You pay anywhere from $10 for budget hosting to around $15 dollars or more a month to host each Domain unless you have a reseller account which costs more. For that you get a vastly different page load times with the fastest usually going with the largest servers.

The host I have used for years is HostGator. Reasonably good load times on most sites, pretty slow on others. I have accepted that because I was not interested in paying for a dedicated server which would have helped, but added another expense.

However in the last several months I have had big problems with HostGator. Repeatedly my site were completely unavailable for hours, often during times of peak use. I was seriously thinking about looking for a new hosting company. All that was holding me back was the quality of service I’d gotten from their support staff when I call them. That was always top notch. Or so I thought.

Then I heard about Insty.me.
100% uptime, with a Dedicated Server on one of the fastest Web Properties in the World, Amazon.com! This can be a huge headache to set up on your own. Insty.me not only handles everything for you, they also provide a great Desktop application for Windows users called the Inste.me Desktop that allows you to add login details for all your WordPress blogs and then post, do admin functions and more for each site from one Control Panel. More on the Insty.me Desktop later.

An Integrated Self Hosted Autoresponder complete with Admin Panel and access to Amazon SES or Simple Email Service. This gives you awesome tracking analysis on the all emails you send with SES plus fantastic reliability that not only will Amazon deliver your emails on time, but will make sure they land in the in-box of the recipient instead of the spam folder as so often happens with Paid Autoresponder accounts. This is also important if your list member happens to use Gmail with their recent changes. Using Amazon will keep your emails out of the stinking tabs, and in the in-box. Amazon SES delivery is cheap, costing only 10 cents to send 1,000 emails with this Amazon service.

Complete cPanel for working with and adding files on your sites. cPanel is an industry standard, and many WordPress users have cPanel hosting accounts.

Incredible Support Staff! I though HostGator was good, but these people at Insty.me Hosting are almost unreal! The person who recommended me to their Hosting had a question, and Insty.me support made a video to show them how to take cake of their problem. That’s what I call  Support! They are also by far much faster to respond to support requests than any Web Hosting Support staff I have ever ran into before. My requests have been handled very promptly, with an average of around 30 minutes to resolve my issues. (The issues were due to a typing mistake I made during account setup, nothing wrong with the system. Runs beautifully if you don’t give it the wrong info.)

Those are just a few of the things Insty.me offers with their Hosting accounts. And because of the Amazon Cloud based hosting the load times on your sites will speed up considerably. This gives you all the advantages of using Amazon for your Hosting server without all the hassles involved with setting this up yourself with Amazon Hosting.

Insty.me Hosting clients also get an account on one of the most secure, updated servers around because of the Amazon connection. Amazon’s servers are harder to hack into than many Government owned servers giving Insty.me Hosting true Weapons grade security for your WordPress server. That means no more hacking into your site with web based scripts if you switch to Insty.me Hosting from your current host.

Lock down your login attempts with one of the many fine WordPress plugins made for that task and then ban repeat offenders and eliminate the default admin account from WordPress and and with Insty.me as your host, your site is secure from almost any hacker. Add a couple more plugins to seal the deal if you want Fort Knox.

Insty.me Hosting is VERY WordPress friendly.

To start with Insty.me will set up a new WordPress blog for you when you create an account. You get the option of choosing to have the install done on a new domain which Insty.me will register for you, or you can also use any domain you own for this. You pick the user name and create your own password for the admin account, they do the rest using Softaculous. All you need to do after that is change the Nameservers if you use your own domain for this. The info you need to do this is contained in your Welcome email so that makes it easy.

As mentioned earlier, Insty.me sets you up with their own Desktop Software that allows you to control EVERYTHING from the software itself. Here’s What the Insty.me Desktop Looks like after you install it.


As you can see, the Insty.me Desktop has everything you need to work on your sites productively without opening up several browser tabs or windows to have everything accessible. You can create and send emails to your list with the Insty Mailer autoresponder feature. You can add or edit files using your cPanel with the Insty.me Hosting Panel. The other tab on top is  for the Insty.me Desktop Setup.

This allows you to enter all your settings for sending emails with the autoresponder in the InstyMailer Marketing. Besides the great option of using Amazon’s SES service for unrivaled reliable delivery for your emails, you may also use STMP to send mail with. When you click on this tab you find options for adding your Amazon SES account keys to enable that service for sending emails with the autoresponder.

Anyone can sign up for SES with Amazon for free. You only get billed for anything over their free account limit. You are charged on a basis of approximately one thousand emails sent = 10 cents! For the kind of delivery Amazon gives marketers that’s very cheap. No other hosting company offers this. This is only available to clients of Insty.me. You can create lists with software in cPanel

But that’s not all you can do with your Insty.me Hosting Insty.me Desktop.
Also under this tab you can set up blocks for AdSense ads you can insert from your built in browser function directly into a post, page or widget.

You may also enter your Amazon Affiliate ID here. From then on, your Amazon Affiliate Id is then automatically added to any product page you create. If you are a Niche blogger and Amazon Affiliate or simply if you are a blogger who promotes Amazon products, this is awesome! Way cool, and very functional when you put that together with the best feature in my opinion, the ability to manage every single one of your WordPress blogs from one browser.

This is the last tab under the settings and for WordPress users the most important.

 I said Insty.me was WordPress friendly, this is where they shine.

There are a few pricey premium WordPress plugins that allow you to manage all your WordPress sites from one place. You can also accomplish this to some degree if you own an unlimited site license to CuratioionSoft or another one of the high end Content Curation Software programs. You can really only do posts with those though, managing your WordPress admin is not possible through their browsers.

The Insty.me Desktop stands alone as the most useful tool available from any Web host. It’s free for all levels of hosting at Insty.me Hosting. There is no downside to all this. Insty.me has hosting plans for everyone’s budget.

The Insty Starter Plan starts at only $19.99 a month and is great for new businesses. You get:

1 Domain
10 Databases
500MB Storage
100GB Bandwidth
100 E-mail accounts

Next up is the Insty Personal Hosting for $24.99 per month. For this you get:

25 Domains
50 Databases
5GB Storage
100GB Bandwidth
Unlimited E-mail accounts

Insty Business  is the best value at $29.99 a month with:

UNLIMITED E-mail accounts

With affordable pricing like this, Insty.me Hosting is more than competitive with other Hosting options in cost. And nobody else has anything like the Insty.me Desktop. This is hands down the BEST WordPress Web Hosting Company around for marketers in particular. Their Hosting service was designed from the ground up to be a great tool for marketers, and it shows in the exclusive features Insty.me has included for their clients. They are running a promotion that offers a 7 day trial on any plan for just $1, so there is zero risk to check it out.

Don’t you agree by now, Insty Hosting is the best choice for Hosting your WordPress blogs?