Social Media plays such a critical role in getting your site ranked that many WordPress Designers are including Social Media features into their themes. But most WordPress themes have no default Social Media functions or options. So what do you do if you want these important links on your blog?

The usual answer is to install and activate a Virtual Army of free WordPress plugins to do the job. You generally have to install a different plugin for each Social Media Account you want to add. A few offer several, but with each you seem to get only perhaps another option. Most simply duplicate the top Social Media accounts and add one oddball.

Premium WordPress plugins are about the only way to keep up with brand new Social Media accounts.

The video here offers a different approach to solving the puzzle, modifying your WordPress theme. The subject is technical so if that puts you off don’t bother watching the video as it would be of no use to you. Instead, look for my recomendations after the video to learn an easy way to do this!

Custom Social Media Integration on WordPress Theme

WORDPRESS WEB DEVELOPMENT☆ A high level summary of what is social media integration and how to make it work on your blog. Inquire on El…

Then there’s the easy way…

Use the link below to lock in a special discount on a great theme that has all this built right in! No fuss, no plugins to find and install, everything you need right at your fingertips!

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