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Introducing WP RevealZ
Easy Timed Display Content For WordPress


[reveal-after-delay = 00.13]Your conversion rate can be your biggest enemy, or your best ally.

For most of us, trying to get more conversions from our squeeze and sales pages just means frustration. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing it can be counterproductive to try and tweak a page for better conversions.

Rather or not any given page converts comes down to two factors, the first is layout. If the page layout is so confusing the visitor can’t find the buy button or opt in form, you lose. That is usually not the problem though…

The Number One Conversion Killer Is…

Lack of engagement. Research shows you have 5-7 seconds max to capture a visitors attention before they bounce.

Fail to do that, they’re gone.

This why so much emphasis is placed on headlines, which are usually the first thing a visitor sees when landing on a page. But it can take literally years to learn how to craft a truly attention grabbing headline.

Video is another possible solution. However, becoming good at creating engaging videos is not something that comes naturally to most people.

Next up is visual stimulation, and this is where WP RevealZ shines.

WP RevealZ Allows You To Unleash The Power Of Visual Stimulation To Get More Conversions

WP RevealZ is a new WordPress plugin that let’s users time delay the appearance of content like buy buttons, opt in forms, images, text, pretty much any content you can place on a page.

The plugin creates a WordPress “shortcode” which can be wrapped around whatever content you don’t want to display right away. You set the time delay within the shortcode, publish your post or page and the plugin will do the rest. Simple and easy to use.

Don’t want your opt in form on the page until your squeeze video finishes?

WP RevealZ has got your back.

Want your buy button hidden while your VSL is playing?

WP RevealZ has you covered.

Want to keep your visitors eyes glued to your page so your whole sales message gets across?

WP RevealZ can do that too.

WP RevealZ is a powerful tool for getting and keeping your visitors attention. This is something any marketer in any  niche can use to get more engagement and more conversions.

If you hurry, you can get a big discount and free Developers License upgrade for WP RevealZ.

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