Making Sense Out Of Meta Tags And Keywords In WordPress

WordPress Titles Meta Tags And Keywords In Plain English by Diane Cossie Understanding WordPress takes time, and at first the titles, meta descriptions, ke…

Meta tags and keywords are part of the whole package when it comes to WordPress SEO. Understanding what those things are is no simple task if you’re new to the whole SEO Hornets Nest. The video above does a good job of explaining the whole keyword and meta tag situation in an easy to understand way for even new WordPress users.

Some people would question the sense of worrying about including meta tags in the current landscape of SEO. For the most part meta tags play a tiny role at best in getting your WordPress site ranked in Google. That being said, it doesn’t hurt in very competitive niches. The search engines like Google don’t rely on meta tags to determine how high to list content in their results. Meta tags are only there for the bots sent by Google and other search engines to see. So if you are looking for the tiniest SEO edge, this can’t hurt.

Keyword research and the way Google and others look at the words we use for keywords have changed a tremendous amount in the past couple of years.

For some time Google has publically stated that they no longer use keywords to rank sites. They simply look at the words and determine the most important words in the content. Then this is checked against how relevant other supporting content on the site is. The significence of your words and the relavancy of your content to the important words along with the Social Signals created by your content are the important things here. Despite the fact that Google updates keep coming hard and fast, those key elements still remain the focus of Google when they decide how high to rate content.