Going mobile with WordPress…

5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Compatible

http://www.mobilizeyourbiz.net This video shows you five different ways you can convert your WordPress site to a mobile website.

When you consider the fact that mobile devices now make up a large portion of total Web traffic it just makes sense to make sure your WordPress blog is available to this huge market.

The video above gives you several good options for making WordPress mobile compatible. Which one you use should be based on your needs and circumstances. However, bear in mind that with each option comes limitations as to exactly what mobile features you will be able to include.

To be fully compatible with all the technology (SMS text, etc.) WordPress users should consider  having a dedicated mobile site. The site should be located on a m. sub domain of the domain your standard WordPress site is located on. A m. sub domain is the default location for mobile versions of Web sites and allows mobile devices to easily find the right version of your site.

In case you’re wondering, having a responsive theme for your WordPress blog is only a partial answer here. A responsive theme will allow mobile users to view your site. That does not guarantee that everything will be accessible to mobile users. If the interface of any portion of your site like widgets ar interactive content is not compatible with the users device then it will not work for them. The only way to make certain that your site is fully accessible to mobile users after installing a responsive theme is to browse your site with a mobile device and check everything out.