Interesting video about manually adding a Facebook Like button and a Twitter Tweet button on your WordPress blog…

Adding Twitter & Facebook in WordPress – How to add Twitter & Facebook social media button on your WordPress blog. Twitter Link:…

In all reality, this video contains a great deal of information beyond what is needed to convey the subject. If the information happened to be of use to all those who view this video, it would be great. I like the actual information about adding the codes to WordPress to make the buttons show up. There are ways to get this to happen now, and to be honest, the same could be said in 2011 when the video was made.

The Socrates theme is still considered a good, but rather Archaic WordPress theme. It was insanely popular for a few years, but so much has changed in WordPress and especially in WordPress themes.

As far as I’m concerned, the best WordPress theme is the one you choose for your WordPress blog.

Each WordPress installation has a different style and vibe. The theme is an inseperable part of that formula because more than anything else the theme sets the mood.
Only one person can determine what that mood is. When you created your blog you had a particular vision in mind you chose the theme based on the look and feeling it resonated within you.
That’s why only you really know what your site is supposed to look like.

And now… back to our regularly scheduled program, Adding Buttons For Twitter And Facebook To WordPress…

This technique is great if you would rather add code to your site than activate another plugin. To be honest, that’s not a bad idea in the sense that reducing the number of plugins that have to load before your site does will help you with Google and the other Search Engines.

Plugins, especially some with heavy coding cause your site to load far slower as their numbers grow larger. Google has flatly stated that how fast a site loads helps to determine how highly a site ranks in their results.

That aside, it is entirely possible to do this using plugins without any real adverse reaction as long as you don’t do the wrong things. One of those things not to do is get too caried away with it. Keep it to preferrably one or maybe two at most and you’ll be fine.

If you want only plugin that is quite useful and will allow you to add several different Social Media accounts with one plugin try the Jetpack plugin by Automattic. This will let you do far more than just add social Media buttons as well. There’s a post on this site about the plugin if you  want to know more about Jetpack.