WordPress Seo can be a complex subject to cover. SEO, or Search Engine Optimazation is vital to getting your content ranked on the first page of the results for any word. Considering the top 10 listings get the vast majority of the clicks, (especially the top 3 spots) this can make a huge difference in how much traffic your site gets.

Paying for traffic is usually a loosing proposition for most WordPress bloggers. Your content must contain links that will earn you money to even have a fighting chance at breaking even. And make no mistake about it, PPC is difficult and expensive to master at the very least. Buying clicks from lists and such only works if the list is precisely targeted to have an interest in your subject. For the most part, Banner ads are completely worthless these days as most people are so used to seeing them they take no notice of them.

Free traffic gained from referrals by Google and the other players remains the best source for targeted traffic that wants to see your posts. No SEO, no traffic. While Google is hardly the only source of this kind of SEO traffic, they remain the best by far. Think about it this way. If someone wants to find out something, the first thing they will hear is “just Google it”, not “Bing it”! To be honest, I can’t lay claim to that observation. I heard it first from my 20 year old Daughter Krystal, in response to a Television ad proclaiming that people found Bing’s results more relevant than Google’s. She has zero interest in anything related to Marketing.

This simply illustrates the prevailing opinion among Web users. Despite the concerted efforts of Microsoft and other big companies, Google still stands alone as the best source of targeted referral traffic.

That’s not to say you can’t get targeted traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other major Social Network sites. But that isn’t as easy as people seem to want you to think it is. There is a far steeper learning curve for mastering how to get targeted traffic from Social Media sites than most people realize. Don’t let yourself be fooled into spending a bunch of money trying to get traffic this way only. It usually only gets you dissapointment and more frustration if not done properly. Good SEO will outperform this every time.

The video below contains several good tips for improving your WordPress SEO. Give it a watch then look below the video for more…

SEO Tips for WordPress

There are too many “SEO Guru’s”. Let’s set things straight with SEO Tips for WordPress. Watch as I walk you through the key areas of WordPress and Search Eng…

The points made by the author of this video are certainly valid. But this information along with a few WordPress plugins is hardly all it takes to get your site ranked!

There was a time in the not so distant past where those with the most backlinks simply won. The initial “Panda” update from Google hurt sites that relied on a slew of backlinks from unrelated sites badly. The “Penguin” update that shortly followed sealed their fate. Backlinks can still play an important role in getting your site on the front page of the Google results, but only the right ones!

Today for a backlink to carry any weight with Google backlinks must come from a site Google already considers an authority on the subject, or from Likes, Shares and Tweets from Social Networking Giants like Facebook and Twitter. Backlinks from unrelated sites are not only basically worthless, but get to many of them on your site and Google will shun your content relegating your site to the bottom of the rankings, not the top where you want to be!

Google has a big problem these days. There is so much quality content being produced right now Google has had to start using Social Media interaction to measure just how good your content is. The more people who like and share your content, the better Google perceives it to be.

Don’t get me wrong, this is hardly the only factor in getting your site ranked. In fact, I myself and many others have ranked content on the first page of Google without a single Like, share or backlink of any kind!

The primary factor is just how relevant your content is to the word, or words you are trying to rank for. No Magic Formula, just relevence! Do not take that to mean you can get ranked simply by sticking the words you are trying to rank for everywhere in your content you possibly can. That tactic, referred to as “keyword stuffing” will only cause the same heartache as using a bunch of unrelated backlinks. Don’t do it!

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