There are several things to consider before starting a new WordPress blog. Many of them might strike you as merely common sense, but that only applies if you are experienced…

13 Secrets to WordPress Blog Creation

In this video I reveal the 13 secrets to blog creation. This is a video series that I give away free on my blog. Get you secrets on blog creation trainging t…

This video is part of a series created by the author to help people new to WordPress get started the right way. The topics covered in this series are also covered in other posts here as well. I like this video because it points out many things few WordPress users, even experienced ones, think to do.

While the Hosting provider the author speaks about is hardly a bad one, but in my opinion they are no better than most Commercial Web Hosts. To find out why I will only use for hosting my sites check out this post. 

As to having someone create aa custom WordPress blog for you, this is really too much too soon for most new WordPress users. Learn the ropes first, and establish some traffic to your site so you can start to make a profit before even considering making a big step like this. Even then, it’s usually not necessary. Most of the most successful WordPress sites have only minor customization if any at all. It’s the content and Niche that matter the most. The rest is just “Window Dressing” at best.

Take the tips on choosing a Domain seriously. Although a keyword targeted Domain name is not as valuable as it used to be before the massive shift in how Google and the other Search Engines rank your site, it’s critical to your branding.