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Top Five WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites What are the best Wordpres plugins? In this video, Bob Dunn of shares his top five plugins for a small business Wor…

When you say the top or best anything you, are walking on thin ice. Because most people base their choices on their personal experiences no two people will make the same choices. Many times the differences are huge. The person who has the  most experience with all the available  plugin options would usually be the most accurate though.

It’s hard to keep up with all of the good to great free WordPress plugins being developed seemingly every day. In the course of doing research on plugins mentioned in videos I publish here I am continually amazed by the great plugins of every nature that have popped up since I last looked at plugins of that type. The list given during the video contains solid plugins. They are still as useful today as they were the day the video was made. But I don’t know if I would call all of these plugins the best ones for a business site.

One I do agree completely on is the Google Sitemap plugin. This is one of my default plugins for any site, but it’s vital for a business WordPress installation. Requires no complicated set up, and it just quietly does it’s job with no effort on your part.

Akismet is still free unless WordPress is just billing me though. I imagine there is a premium version of this plugin, but the free one works just fine for most purposes. I don’t know why here was any confusion on the matter, I was using the free plugin long before this video was made, and still do today. Akismet offers good basic protectiion from spam. I don’t think I can streach that into a must have  plugin for small bussiness WordPress sites though. While spam is a big deal on any  WordPress site it’s hardly on the top of anybody’s list when it comes to a business site. Many times comments are turned off, so this has far less impact on small business sites. For most small business owners the most important thing on the site is the contact form.

The contact form plugin mentioned in the video is a good one. But easy to configure? no.

There are far too many good contact form plugins available for free to go into them all here. I would just search for “contact forms” from the “Install Plugins page in the WordPress admin. Each one has a different twist on adding a contact  form to your WordPress site. Look at the available features and just choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also use one of the many WordPress themes that create a contact form for you if you prefer that approach.

The need for good backups is not just a small business problem, it’s something any  WordPress user needs to worry about. Poop happens.
If you have a Database  or DB backup, then you have your content, your posts at least…
But a site is not made up of just the posts.

There is your theme and any modifiactions you have made to default settings. There’s images, videos, widgets, plugins… You get the idea I think.

A better idea is a complete backup of all the files that make up your site and your DB. If you must use a plugin to do this due to server configuration or lack of access to cPanel then I suggest you try the Clone WordPress plugin. It’s free, and it does a complete backup of your entire site. The best solution is a backup from your Web hosting control panel. With this route, you even get the option to restore one of your backups to bring your site back to it’s former glory instantly. You also can choose to downlooad a copy of the email accounts and settings this way.

As far as business specific plugins go, there are many good ones to choose from. Some work for almost any kind of business. Others are specifically designed to  add a unique feature to compliment the business by featuring products and services. Sliders are pretty much a requirement for any business site these days. As with contact forms, there are two ways to get a a slider on your home page. Theme option, or plugin. There are plenty of choices for both options.

Pay attention to the time sliders take to load. Some will slow down your site’s load times to a crawl.

One type that works for any business is Social Media share, like Tweet and other similar buttons and widgets.
Most business owners recognize the important role Social Media can play in the success of their site and especially their brand. There are tons of options here. For the sake of simplicity, if you want readers to have the most options for sharing your site with their friends then the more buttons you can get, the bettter. The Jetpack plugin offers an easily configurable display for you that includes most popular Social Media sites. It is also free but in order to activate Jetpack you must be registered as a user at

Next up for non eCommerce small business sites would have to be some sort of call to action, or trigger. This can be something as simple as a clickable buton with default text or as neat as a configurable button with editable text. Once again you can go with either a business theme or pick from free WordPress plugins to get a call to action button. Many plugins and themes allow you to change the color and size of the button to fit your needs.

Last but hardly least for eCommerce small business sites is some sort of payment portal or shopping cart. This is also something that does require some real work to set up. There are some excellent plugins, and some have companion premium themes that compliment them well. No theme alone will set you up with a shopping cart. For that one, you need a plugin. There are simple plugins that allow you to sell digital products with very little fuss. More powerful and complicated plugins that provide you with a fully configured shopping cart . The best choice really depends on what is being sold, and how the product is being delivered.

Another popular item is a plugin that lets you set up a mailing list of customers or subscribers. Email marketing is still alive and well, and this form of direct marketing still accounts for a large percentage of all online sales. Pkenty of plugins will set you up with a mailing list of some sort. There are 5 or 6 good plugins to choose from. A couple of simple ones, the rest with fuller features and capabilities. Stick to the highest rated plugins and give the ones that offer what you need a try one by one. Plugins that create newsletters and autoresponders usually don’t play well together. A the least you may get an error message at the top of every page. By the way, if you can see it from the WordPress admin area, anybody viewing your site can see it too. On the other end of the spectrum you can take down your site including the WP admin. One at a time.

My final thought on must have small business plugins would be unblockable exit popups. This gives business owners the opportunity to perhaps at least get a lead out of the visit. Once again, this is plugin territory only. There are a couple of options for free ones,  but mostly premium plugins.

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