We will be covering what you put on your webpage so Google notices your page, ranks it and send you traffic, sales, leads and customers.

Here are the 3 fundamentals we will be covering in this video.

1) The words, extra content and images that help rankings on Google.
2) The on-page structure that Google expects to find.
3) The ideal on-page theme, server and code for your website.

Before we start, let’s break down the 2020 on-page fundamentals:

– Create a good description that includes the keyword in the title.
– Use a similar (or identical) description and include the keyword in the H1.
– You want to mention the exact keyword at least once in the article body, preferably near the top.
– Include sub-headlines (H2, H3, H4) that use related keywords that describe your content.
– Include high quality, relevant internal & external links
– Name your images appropriately with keywords in the filenames and alt-text.

If you are not too sure about what to do exactly, then here is my on-page content starting template you can follow.

Include the following elements on to your page to give Google exactly what it is looking for.

– 1200-2000 Words
– 3-12 Unique Images
– 1 Title (H1)
– 4-8 Sub-Headlines (H2)
– 1-3 Relevant Internal Links
– 1-3 Relevant External Links
– 1 Table of Content (Pagination works too)
– 1 Bullet List