Pingfresh is far more than a pinging plugin on steroids.

The set of tools this plugin provides go far beyond pinging. one of the best features of Pingfresh is the ability to give new life to your old content. Pingfresh can automatically detect posts on your site that have not been visited by search engines in any amount of time you choose in the settings. Pingfresh will then automatically promote the post to attract search engine bots to your post.

Pingfresh monitors the search engine bots activity and you can see exactly which ones have been to your site, what pages they visited, and how long it was since the last time they were there.

Nobody ever thinks about the important role pinging plays in getting traffic to your site. A few savvy bloggers actually add a custom Ping List of their own to the Writing settings in every WordPress installation. But most WordPress users never even change the default ping list.

That’s a real mistake. Who you ping, and how you ping a post directly determines what services you notify and the way they look at your notification. Get your quality content in front of the right distribution network and the traffic will come in waves.

The problem had always been the huge investment in time required to do the work. Never mind that it’s bad enough with one site. If you ran multiple sites things really got ugly. That’s what makes Pingfresh such a great tool, you get everything you used to have to work your tail off for and more, all from a single plugin!

Below is the launch video for Pingfresh. The creator, Sean Donahoe shows you what Pingfresh looks like from your WordPress admin area. Sean goes over all the features of both the Multi-site and Pro versions of this great plugin for you during the video. Check it out to get a look inside Pingfresh.

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