Note: All of these tips are for people who want to rank without needing to participate in bullshit link building schemes. I’ve spent many years ranking websites on Google without spending my time building a link.

1. Write based on authoritative sources and mention similar info. If you’re targeting two different subjects in one page like (cats + sweaters) try to find information defining both of those things. I remember when I first saw someone ranking for SEO Company USA, they had a blog talking about how the US elections affected search rankings and thus they became more relevant.

2. For local SEO copywriting you will use a similar technique, except your two combined subjects will be (cats + area) the more you can mention about the area you are in the better you will do. Example, the time I ranked in Maryland for SEO with one page and no link building.

3. Write based off averages, use a tool like Bench Marketer to help you determine how many words you need in your copy.

4. Use Cognitive SEO content analyzer to help you figure out what you need to write more or less about based on its content grader.

5. Use heading tags to highlight your different sections. In terms of what heading tags you should use, I generally also just base this off of averages.

6. Use ordered and unordered lists in your copy, this will also help you be more likely to rank in voice search.(Extra tip) to help your rank for voice search is to try to answer questions around the subject you are writing on.

7. Don’t just write for copy, write for layout. This means, actually go and see what page layouts are ranking on Google and why. It may be that you are spending your time filling out the wrong info when you should be doing something completely different depending on what your potential visitor is intending to find.

8. This tip probably won’t come as a shock to you but grammar is a ranking factor, easily streamline this step by using a tool like Grammarly to quickly check all of your mistakes.

9. Create anchor points in your copy so people can easily navigate to different sections, this will also give you a chance to get site link extensions in Google.

10. Include compressed multimedia into your copy. Images and videos can definitely help you rank higher and they can seriously help boost engagement rates.

11. Don’t forget to add a CTA. If you neglect this step, your visitors may never see another post from you again. Promote a Facebook group, email newsletter, Youtube channel, it doesn’t matter. But giveaway something extra for free.

12. Repurpose the hell out of your content. This post you are likely watching will end up to be a blog post (or vise versa). SEO is all about being able to hit on as many channels as you can with maximum quality and minimal effort.

13. Index your content as fast as possible with Search Console as soon as it’s created to avoid content scrapers.

14. Utilize free nonindexable resources like Facebook groups to create content.

15. Ask other experts to help contribute ideas for free content with an outreach tool like Pitchbox.

16. Get rid of your content that isn’t performing and combines it into new posts.

17. Relaunching your content with newly added content gives you a way higher chance of ranking it further up.

18. Pair up with a designer who knows how to improve UX of your post.