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How To SEO A Blog Post | Keywords, Titles, Content And Descriptions

How To SEO A Blog Post Keywords, Titles, Content And Descriptions. How to SEO a blog post is something really important to know and pr…

Why another post on WordPress post titles?

For one thing, this subject has many facets. Too many for a single post. Another reason is the different schools of thought on this. Not everybody agrees 100%, and there is no precise way to SEO a post. I want to present you with as much usable information as possible because this subject is of critical importance to the overall success of your blog. Not only that, this video is far more comprehensive than the others I have posted here. This one covers all the most important aspects of properly doing SEO for a post in a reasonably easy to digest form.

I’ve seen no other videos that even mention post descriptions, let alone give any usable reccommendations for creating a good description. All of the factors mentioned in the video play an important role in post SEO, and you can’t go wrong by trying to address them all.

Most bloggers concentrate solely on the post title and keyword they want to rannk for. While this approach may seem logical enough, there is more that goes into properly doing post SEO than just keywords and the post title. For instance the description can play a crucial role in getting your posts indexed highly with Google and the other Search Engines.
Along with the post title, the description is all a potential visitor has to decide rather or not the post is worth viewing to them or not. If you don’t create a description then Google and the others will simply use the beginning of your post for the description. If you crreate posts to grab the readers attention in the first paragraph this sort of works. But there is no way you can truly get the entire scope of a post into the first paragraph without writing an ugly mess no one really wants to read.

Your opening paragraph should grab the visitors attention, not bore them to death with too much detail about the post contents. There is some merit to using the model of, “In this post I will cover…” in an opening paragraph but that gets tired if you constantly use ecxactly that format for every post.

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