Google Authorship can be a powerful asset to bloggers. Using this you can increase your WordPress blogs rank in your Niche because of the many advantages of Google Authorship.

Here’s how to set this up for your WordPress site…

How to Get Google Authorship for your WordPress Blog

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Let’s face it. Google just loves it when you make use of their Web Properties like G+ and YouTube.
They are more than happy to give preferential treatment to recognized Google Authors. To make this even more attractive as if potential higher rankings for your WordPress blog were not enough you even get an image right next to your listing.

Every organic result on Google contains G+ and YouTube users in the Top 10 and usually Top 5. This gives those that make use of Google Authorship a decided edge over the rest of the crowd. When every edge you can get on your competitors counts heavily, that means a great deal. If you are already a leader in your Niche this will further propel you towards the top, or help keep you there. Never forget, people like having a face to associate with a name. It transforms you from a Stranger, to someone they “Know.”

Google also has no problen transferring some of these benefits your way any time you enter a new Niche. Great way to get started!

All you need is a G+ account with Google to make it all possible. As I said earlier, YouTube won’t hurt you either. If you want the best “Bang For Your Buck” create a YouTube channel for every Niche and if nothing else add other people’s videos to a playlist.

Just add a unique comment or share some of your own knowledge in your description to do sort of a form of Content Curation. The important thing is to be active and have something of substance to say. Voice your opinion good or bad because it’s part of what makes you unique. Nobody will ever like everything any person says. But that does not mean they can’t agree with you on other things that matter more.

Google Authorship is a powerful tool in your fight to make yourself know in the vast space of the Internet.