Most new WordPress users never think about SEO.
More often than not the idea that they may need to learn about SEO is driven by a desire to get their site more traffic.

What they do not realize is by this point, the search engines like Google have no idea what their site is about. By not implementing some basic SEO practices on a new blog, they are dooming themselves to a tough, uphill fight.

The video below contains a couple of good tips that will help make your WordPress SEO better. You’ll find more below the video…

Beginner WordPress SEO Tips for Higher Rankings – some basic wordpress SEO search engine optimisation tips and tricks to help your site get better rankings on the search engi…

Unfortunately, the author of this video has only touched the surface of the subject here.

To be perfectly accurate, Google has said publicly for more than 2 years they no longer use keywords in any form, except the now defunct Google Keyword Tool. If you have an AdWords account you can access a rather different tool that will give you traffic estimates for keywords, but that’s it. Keywords have not been used to determine site rankings during this whole time, and Google will most likely stick with this from now on. If you hear someone trying to give you “Sage” advice on SEO and they are using this outdated term, they  at least have not been paying attention to the one who truly makes the rules here.

Google uses words to determine what the subject of a site is. They do this by guaging the importance of each word in a post to the relevancy of the whole post. Phrases are seldom if ever used in this.

Setting up a new site properly has several benefits, none the least of which is instant recognization of the subject of your site by the Search Engines. Doing this involves some simple steps I have listed below to help you start off on the right foot so to speak with the Search Engines.

One note about this. Before investing your time and efforts in any new site you absolutely must do proper research on the Niche. I won’t go any further with this than that, as it would be far beyond the scope of a single post to do that here. Make sure you are NOT wasting your time!! I can’t stress the importance of proper Niche research enough. Do it!

How To Properly Set Up SEO For A New Blog

1. Select the five words that best describe what your site is about. Use them to create 5 catagories for your WordPress blog, being sure to use the word in the title of the catagory.

2. Take those 5 words and create 5 posts, each focusing on one of these words. For best results, the posts need to be substantial. Somewhere between 800 to 1200 words each. Assign each to the apropriate catagory, and publish them all at once.

That’s all it takes to start a site on the way to becoming a so called “Authority Site”! Make sure each post focuses on one of these words, and the sky is truly the limit.