Like many other of the free software platforms available WordPress has many “Secrets” if you will many users  are completely unaware of…

WordPress Secrets

A few hidden secrets of WordPress that will save you time and frustration.

As you can see from the video many of these things are right out in the open. The trick is obviously taking the time to look at all your options. Never be afraid to check out things you have never seen before, it’s a necessary componet

Many WordPress plugins and themes also add additional features or make using WordPress easier with their options.

Several WordPress plugins will let you do far more with your post editing pages in the form of SEO features like adding a description and title to each post. By using this feature you can create the default description for your post as opposed to just letting Google and other Search Engines choose one for themselves. This allows you to create a short explaination of what is covered in your post instead of hoping someone likes the opening lines of your post. By doing this instead of letting an automated system do the work you can tailor your description to give potential readers a better idea of what the post will cover.

With a summary format such as this you stand a far better chance of getting your post clicked on. There are also many options  of lesser value that are not be big factors in getting your posts ranked. Many SEO plugins offer things like the ability to create custom Meta Tags which is no longer used by any Search engine in any way other than providing information of use now only to the bots that crawl your site on behalf of the Search Engines. Adding these may not hurt, but it won’t get you any better rankings than you would get without them.

Don’t just assume that because you see an option you should use it. Find out what exactly it does and then choose rather or not it’s important to you of not. If it isn’t going to give you any benefits, don’t waste your time setting it up!

But above all explore, because there are certainly some very useful ones around. Might as well make use of them. Anything that helps to distance you from the mob of others who operate in your chosen Niche will help you in the end, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.