Every Web Hosting company  offers technical support of some kind. Most of the larger companies offer what is called “Full Support” meaning you can ask them about any issue concerning your hosting account and they will usually reply within 24 Hours of receiving your inquiry.

In order to do this you must often first open an account with their support. Normally they give you a different password than the one you use for your account login. While this may help them keep track of requests a little better, it also adds something else you either have to remember or copy down and save for future reference.

This may seem like a small thing to you offhand, but  it always isn’t.  I don’t know about you, but when I need a support question answered, I usually need the answer NOW!
Having to take the extra step involved annoys me when I need information as soon as possible. And having to wait the better portion of 24 Hours  to find out the answer causes me to put everything I was trying to do on hold while waiting for them to take their sweet time to reply. With smaller host the wait time can go to more than 48 hours if your request is submitted  on a weekend. That’s a long time to sit spinning your wheels while trying to finish a project up. You know the old saying, “Time is Money” right?

When you run an online business that’s even more true. One of the rules of Marketing is “Money Loves Speed,” and this is a very accurate statement. The longer you have to wait through many Hours or days for a reply you need to proceed, the more potential income you are losing.

But this doesn’t matter to most Web Hosting companies. The reason for this is really quite simple.

Web Hosting is considered a Comodity. Everyone who does business Online needs it. Most Web Hoisting companies realize that, any because of this they take it as a license to do as they please, with zero thought or concern about you. I guess they look at this as, “You need me, so you have no choice but to play by my rules.”

In reality, that’s a lousy way to do business.

Thankfully there is one shining exception to this rule, Insty.me Hosting!

Insty.me Hosting

I have used many different companies over the years to host my WordPress sites. Some have been better than others, but support always seem’s like an afterthought with them.

Many of you may already know I recently changed Web Host from HostGator to Insty.me. One of the reasons I did this besides reliability was becaus the support staff at Insty.me was highly recommended to me by the person who first told me about this new Web Hosting company.

I’m sure if you have ever visited this site before the change to Insty.me the difference in page load time surely got your attention. I did mine as well, but that’s not the only difference I see.

The response times to my support requests at Insty.me have simply continued to impress me more and more. Even the larger Web Hosts I have done business with before take the better part of 24 Hours to reply to a Support Ticket. The average reply I get from support at Insty me takess about 20 minutes at the most. I have even had a reply to a request sent on a Sunday morning in less than 10 Minutes! I often get a personal relpy from the Owner Nick Jolin himself! They have prompptly answered any question I have thrown their way, never hesitating or passing it off as something they don’t handle.

On two separate occasions I have submitted highly technical questions, and much to my delight, the questions were quickly answered by Nick by making a video just for me to fully explain everything!

I don’t know about you, but to me, That’s SUPPORT!

I had always considered HostGator’s Support to be pretty good. At least I could call them, but I often had to wait an Hour or more on hold before speaking to someone in Support. Once I finally had someone on the phone, they were usually pretty good at resolving my issue. This is the main reason I stayed with them as long as I did.

Now I know better.
To say the least, I find the Support I receive at Insty.me far superior to any I have experienced before in the entire time I have been Online!
My respect for the quality and responsiveness of their support has only continued to grow over time.

I attribute this in no small part to the fact that Insty.me Hosting is designed specifically for people who make Money Online. It’s evident in every phase of the business. From the exclusive Software they make available to every account holder, to their highly competent and responsive Support staff. Exactly the opposite of every other Web Hosting company around.

If you’re tired of your Web Host wasting both your time and money, there is only one choice to make. Insty.me! Just use the link below to start a 7 day trial for only $1!!

Insty.me $1 Trial