Add A Facebook Log In To WordPress

How to enable a Facebook login for your WordPress blog… How to setup social login for WordPress- Facebook Registration plugin Article: Lets learn on How to enable visitors to sign up or log in to WordPress using a social n… Facebook logins are a very popular feature on most major Web sites around the […]

How To Add A Facebook Feed To Your WordPress Blog

Facebook is still king of the Social Networking sites. Connecting your bussinesses Facebook (FB) page feed to your WordPress blog is a natural. That does not mean there are a lot of choices for doing this for free. With the exception of the option discussed in this post and the video below I know of […]

How To Find Your WordPress RSS Feed

One of the most asked questions about WordPress is “How do you find the RSS feed for A WordPress blog?” This can be good to know for several reasons. One of those is the fact that with the feed location you can add your feed from your WordPress blog to your Facebook profile or business […]

How To Add Posts From WordPress To Facebook

In yesterdays post I mentioned publishing your posts from your WordPress blog to your Facebook fan page. Today we will follow up on that with a how to video on adding your posts to Facebook (FB). This is made possible with a free WordPress plugin called the Facebook Page Publish plugin. To use the plugin […]

Free Traffic From Free WordPress Plugins

Greg Lunder created this useful video on some plugins worth having on your site. Two of the plugins focus on 2 Social Media sites that can help generate extra free traffic, Facebook and Twitter. The plugins allow you to share your blog posts with your followers on Twitter and those who get your Facebook feed. […]

How To Use The WordPress Facebook Plugin

Facebook is still king of the hill when it comes to Social Networks. With no real signs of any other network overtaking this Social Media Giant it is definately a powerful asset to any business. This video how-to was published by Michele Scism of and targets the Facebook plugin. The plugin was released by Facebook […]