Adding Code To WordPress Posts Without Fear

Adding HTML code to posts and pages in WordPress… Adding HTML Code to WordPress Very Basic tutorial on adding html code to WordPress in the main editor. See also In answ… It is entirely possible to publish posts and pages in WordPress without adding HTML code in your posts or pages. WordPress will do […]

Adding HTML To WordPress Widgets Without Knowing HTML

Good tip for HTML novices… WordPress: Tip on How to Insert HTML Code Ethemed video tutorial on a great tip on how to insert html code into your WordPress website. If you know nothing about HTML, it can be intimidating to try to add some code when you actually need to. The technique the author […]

The Basics Of WordPress Posts And Pages

Basic WordPress how to videos can be especially useful to new WordPress users. One of the problems I often face when trying to choose a video to post on this site is that few people who record videos of this nature truly stick with the basics. I can understand the temptation to throw in far […]