Adding Code To WordPress Posts Without Fear

Adding HTML code to posts and pages in WordPress… Adding HTML Code to WordPress Very Basic tutorial on adding html code to WordPress in the main editor. See also In answ… It is entirely possible to publish posts and pages in WordPress without adding HTML code in your posts or pages. WordPress will do […]

Adding HTML To WordPress Widgets Without Knowing HTML

Good tip for HTML novices… WordPress: Tip on How to Insert HTML Code Ethemed video tutorial on a great tip on how to insert html code into your WordPress website. If you know nothing about HTML, it can be intimidating to try to add some code when you actually need to. The technique the author […]

SEO For Keywords And Descriptions

Total post SEO is the subject of this video… How To SEO A Blog Post | Keywords, Titles, Content And Descriptions How To SEO A Blog Post Keywords, Titles, Content And Descriptions. How to SEO a blog post is something really important to know and pr… Why another post on WordPress post titles? For […]

Tips For Effective Post Titles

Some good thoughts on creating effective post titles for WordPress… Blog SEO – Write Effective Post Titles – Part 1 of SEO tutorials for bloggers SEO for Blogs: Basic Tutorials for Bloggers: Part is here : Here I talk about my SEO tutorial series. In t… Some may have difficulty understanding the author. He […]

Optimizing Post Titles In WordPress

How to create post titles optimized for visitors and Search Engines… Blog SEO – How to Create Optimized Blog Post Titles Visitors and Search Engines Love Blog SEO Did you know that the title of your Blog Post is a crucial factor for getting visitors to read your blog post an… In the last […]

WordPress Post Title SEO

How to write great SEO titles for your WordPress blog… How to write great page/post titles – Module 4 – Keywords at Front How to write great page and post titles by placing keywords at the front. Very nice and to the point video about post title SEO for WordPress. This is something that far […]

WordPress Permalink SEO

Great information on WordPress Permalinks… Permalinks-Wordpress SEO – In this introductory Video we are going to Cover; What Are SEO Permalinks, Why We should change SEO Permalink Structur… The SEO advantages of using the correct Permalink structure with WordPress are considerable. Using post titles to list your posts is obviously more condusive to getting […]

WordPress Permalink Options

WordPress Permalink customization tips… Customizing Permalinks in WordPress | Treehouse Quick TIp In this Quick Tip, WordPress teacher Zac explains the options you have when choosing your WordPress site’s URLs. Choosing the right permalink structure can h… I love the detail given in this video! I usually feel obligated to tell readers about one or […]

25 Styles Of Blogging

25 different styles of blogging. Good informative video that moves to quick. You will want to pause the video for each one to see everything there is to see… 25 styles of blogging This video tutorial will teach you the 25 different styles of blogs as defined by Rohit Bhargava. It will show you which […]

How To Write An Engaging WordPress Post

Some great tips for engaging your target audience effectively and generating comments… Get More Blog Comments – Tips for Beginners Tips on making your blog and writing more engaging so you can get more comments. Links to the featured posts are below. How I Doubled My Blog Traffic… http… Creating posts that people love takes […]