WordPress Copywriting Tips

This is video 5 from Rob Canyon’s series on copywriting for the Web. The focus this time is on what you should and should not write posts about. This video contains some excellent tips on creating the kind of content that makes readers come back to visit your blog time and time again. Some of […]

More Traffic, Comments And Return Visitors With WordPress

Every blog owner would like to have more organic traffic, comments and return visitors. That is exactly the topic of this how to copywriting video. Pro copywriter Rob Canyon is back again with another installment of his Web copywriting course. Canyon’s experience as a professional copywriter gives him a great perspective on this topic. The […]

WordPress Copywriting: Formatting And More

One of the  most asked questions about WordPress is how to write a post that people will like. Especially for those new to writing the subject of creating a good or even great blog posts is very important to your future success. With that in mind we will be concentrating on writing a highly effective […]