Some WordPress Secrets

Like many other of the free software platforms available WordPress has many “Secrets” if you will many users  are completely unaware of… WordPress Secrets A few hidden secrets of WordPress that will save you time and frustration. As you can see from the video many of these things are right out in the open. The […]

WordPress Tips And Tricks

WordPress has a simularity to life in that there is always something new to learn. WordPress is one of the more complex tools available to Marketers. Few users make full use of all the features and quirks that WordPress offers. The usual reason for this is simply because they are unaware that these even exist. […]

Setting Up SEO For A New WordPress Blog

Most new WordPress users never think about SEO. More often than not the idea that they may need to learn about SEO is driven by a desire to get their site more traffic. What they do not realize is by this point, the search engines like Google have no idea what their site is about. […]

How To Do WordPress Image SEO

Most WordPress users never give a second thought to SEOing their images. Many think of the Alt. title for images as simply something created to annoy them. While it may not be fun, image SEO can play a big role in getting your site higher in the Search Engine rankings. Most people think the only […]

Pingfresh WordPress Plugin Review: Don't Just Ping, Promote With Pingfresh

Pingfresh is far more than a pinging plugin on steroids. The set of tools this plugin provides go far beyond pinging. one of the best features of Pingfresh is the ability to give new life to your old content. Pingfresh can automatically detect posts on your site that have not been visited by search engines […]

Creating Backlinks In A WordPress Post Or Page

This is a short and sweet tutorial on how to add backlinks to a WordPress post or page. Backlinks play an important role in helping the search engines figure out what your posts and pages are about. The video was posted an Youtube under “TheLocalsearchguy” and it comes from SLW Consulting. The author who simply […]

How To Do Basic WordPress SEO

With all the changes going on with the way search engines like Google rank Web sites there is no set way to guarantee success. However, there are some basics things that all search engines look for. There are ways to help your site rank higher by making sure that the search engines find everything they […]

When To Ping Tutorial

Pinging in WordPress is often misunderstood and incorrectly used. “Overpinging” is a real problem you must solve. Whenever you add a new post it is pinged to whatever update services you have added. While this is good because you are able to notify the search engines there is new content on your blog. The problem […]

Adding Catagories

This video created by Dennison Wolfe takes a very indepth and detailed look at WordPress (WP) Catagories. Catagories are for posts only and allow you to organize related  content into a specific type. This helps encourage visitors to explore  more of your content because they can find everything you have posted about a subject just […]